Loading at night, unloading in the morning. Admit it - power!

This is what cars look like, thanks to which our transport safely reaches those in need.

And this is what the Mer of Bryslav looks like (he is the one in the red jacket), who, out of gratitude for what we do, awarded the Szczepan, Ben and Bartek with diplomas 🙂

Because they are not ordinary people. They are people of enormous strength, determination and beautiful hearts. Just as cars that come out of their hands are not ordinary. These are cars specially adapted to the conditions of the war in order to be able to serve Ukrainian soldiers in the fight for freedom immediately after unloading.

But the diplomas belong to all of you, because thanks to your support # 4Ukraine can still provide the necessary help and a bit of joy to children (on the photo Kasia smuggling another batch of coloring books and crayons from @czynimydobrofundacja

And we're not going to stop!

And do not stop as well, because thanks to you, further transports are possible.

For health and life of Ukrainian people by OTAKOYI