4Ukraine project is designed to help in health and life protection areas.

4Ukraine project was launched to support the people of Ukraine affected by humanitarian crisis due to Russian invasion.
The founders of the team are people cooperating in business already for eight years, located in Lviv (Ukraine) and Warsaw (Poland) but the group has grown and is still growing, expanding all over the world.

Our missions:

  • We collect information about the needs
  • We carry out targeted financial and material collections
  • We make purchases of necessary aid supplies
  • We deliver them to recipients in Ukraine
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Latest News

Cooperation is good!

Transport from Paris arrived

Transport from France has departed!

Very important delivery!

Loading at night, unloading in the morning!

Brief summary of our transports no. 7, no. 8, no. 9.

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For health and life of Ukrainian people by OTAKOYI